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Are you looking for a piano teacher in Clive? Do you live in Napier, Hastings or somewhere in between?

Hello, I'm Denise Buczynski and I am a piano teacher currently living and working in Clive, which is between Napier & Hastings. I have over 30 years of piano teaching experience. I recently moved to Hawkes Bay to be close to my son, daughter in law and grandchildren.

Many piano teachers insist that their students enter regular exams. Whilst the target and deadlines that exams impose may work for many it is not for everyone. I don't enter my pupils for exams and make them jump through hoops. There is so much good music to explore and enjoy at every level and just moving from one exam to the next misses out on this experience.

I use a traditional approach to teaching and find the structure of that method teaches the relevant skills in a timely manner. It is important not to miss out on the building blocks of learning to play the piano to develop a sound technique.

I am happy to teach people of all ages from children to older adults, from beginners to advanced students.

A student must have a piano or a keyboard at home to practice on.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact:-                                                                            Click on Map to find me

Denise Buczynski,

44, Grey Street,

CLIVE,     Mobile 022 075 1593

email:   dbuczyn@gmail.com


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